Learn music at your own pace

Learn music at your own pace

With over 200 easy to follow video lessons from the beginnings of Music Theory to Orchestral Arranging.
Lifetime membership for individuals

Lifetime membership for individuals

A single subscription gives lifelong membership to individual students.
Annual education subscription

Annual education subscription

Gives the resource to all of your teachers and students, at school or at home.

The Contemporary Music Course is a collection of short, easy to follow video lessons that will guide you through learning music theory and composition, at your own pace.

Designed for independent students who want to learn or improve their understanding of music theory, and for  music teachers who want an easy to use on-line resource for their students to use at any time.

Starting with 'The Language of Music', the course moves on to 'Chords and Harmony', 'Orchestral Harmony', 'Part Writing’ and more. 

Developed over several years by a professional composer, the contemporary music course is music theory made easy.

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Are you an independent student who wants to learn music at your own pace?

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The Contemporary Music Course is a stunning teaching and learning resource. It is not simply contemporary.

It is comprehensive, carefully structured and flexible. Being completely sequenced, it caters for abilities ranging from beginner to advanced. Further, it is suitable for individual, group and class use.

My teaching career involved students mainly aged 9-13years. Many of those students would have improved their musical knowledge and skills considerably had they had access to initial TCMC course lessons, and thus been even better prepared to maximise their gains during secondary school music instruction.

Had I, as principal, known about TCMC before my retirement, the course would definitely have been a “must have” school resource, to enrich both the teachers professional development and the school's music programme.

I have no hesitation in recommending TCMC to all in the teaching profession.

Raymond Moriarity,

Past Principal, Colyton School, Manawatu