I love the way you've explained some of your theory - very clear and concise. Working my way through your material.

Thanks for taking the time - it's an amazing resource. I'm using the course with Year 10 students. It works well from a personal learning point of view and is a great reference for them. It's like having several teachers in the room at the same time - which is a good thing.

I use a lot of technology with them (Sibelius, Pro Tools, Reason etc) so your approach being it bite-sized chunks allows them to experiment with putting the theory into practice using technology. Their knowledge and skills vary greatly so having you there has been great as I can use your material as extension activities whenever necessary.

Jon Bowen, Assistant Principal HOD Performing Arts and Music

St Peters College, Palmerston North.

The Contemporary Music Course is a collection of short, easy to follow video lessons developed over several years by a professional composer.

As you go through this course you will learn The Language of Music, about Chords and Harmony and much more. This means you will be able to read music and communicate your ideas to musicians so they can help you create your music. You will also be able to play the music of other musicians in a recording studio or concert.

Your understanding of harmony will enable you to write the score for an orchestra of any size, a jazz/rock horn section or a rhythm section. The fundamentals of the Two Part Harmony and Counterpoint module may be extended to writing for a String Quartet and you can develop this skill for the rest of your life.

This course is designed for independent students and music teachers who want a resource for their students to use at school or at home, using a media with which they are comfortable. Even students with literacy problems can now study music.

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For Independent Students

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Only pay a one time subscription of $99.95 (NZD) for a lifetime of access.

For Educators

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One low annual subscription covers all your students.

Complete access to the Contemporary Music Course for the teacher and their students for just $99.95 (NZD) annually.

Just at this I discovered your Course - Geronimo!!!!!! perfect timing and perfect content!!!!!! I spent four hours on it last night immediately and it is completely brilliant.

The guitar and drum sections are a complete gift. Thank you so much. But it is all explained so clearly and simply. The best thing is the boost finding your course has given me and I am moving from the fear into the enjoyment which I have been searching for.

Kris Yarborough

Student - U.K.