Once again thanks so much! My senior students are loving the course. I will definitely rave about it to anyone who'll listen.

You've made what was a very, very difficult term a lot more manageable; I'm finally starting to feel a little sane!

Matt Davis

Unlimited School, Christchurch

The Contemporary Music Course is a collection of short, easy to follow video lessons developed over several years by a professional composer.

It moves through learning tried-and-true music structures and on to composing and arranging.

Designed for independent students and music teachers who want a resource for their students to use at school or at home, using a media with which they are comfortable. Even students with literacy problems can now study music.

The course remains open to all but subscriptions for teachers will need to be renewed by using the

‘For Educators’ option below. 

Starting with 'The Language of Music', the course moves through 'Chords and Harmony' to 'Orchestral Harmony', 'Part Writing’ and more. 

Want to know more?

For Independent Students

Are you an independent student who wants to learn music at your own pace?

Only pay a one time subscription of $99.95 (NZD) for a lifetime of access.

For Educators

Are you an educator with multiple students?
One low annual subscription covers all your students.

Complete access to the Contemporary Music Course for the teacher and their students for just $99.95 (NZD) annually.

This is a great resource for any studio teacher or classroom teacher. It will add a dynamic element to your teaching and ensure students are highly engaged with what for many can be otherwise very dry.

(Read the full review here).

Barry Walmsley

Past President and current Vice-President of MTA of NSW