The Contemporary Music Course is a resource for Music Educators and a course for Independent Students. It allows anyone, anywhere, to study music with a series of short, easy to follow on-line lessons that apply to every style of music.

For Music Educators

Give the course to all your teachers and all your students with a single annual Educators Subscription.

An important point of difference is that the eye and the ear are always working together which makes learning more efficient and students with literacy problems can learn, using a medium with which they are familiar.

Beginning as an easy-to-follow theory course, it moves sequentially through to advanced composing and arranging.

The Contemporary Music Course will complement your classroom lessons and works well in the 'flipped classroom'. Students may also be ‘self-directed.’ 

The tutor is an award winning professional composer and arranger of pop, orchestral, jazz or whatever music he was commissioned to write by the film companies, advertising agencies or theatre producers that hired him.


For Independent Students

No prior knowledge of music is needed. All you need, is an internet connection, a music keyboard and to be able to print the assignments and other material.

Then you can print your answers and see where you did well. 

On completion of the course, you will understand the theory of writing for a band or orchestra.

Being able to write music means that you will be able to see what you wrote and remember why you wrote it. This is very handy when some fine musicians are looking at you while waiting for direction. It is a very scary situation but wonderfully rewarding when you know what you are doing.

The Contemporary Music Course was developed by New Zealand based musician and composer Clive Cockburn. It is based on his lifetime as a professional composer and brings his easy going approach to teaching music.

For Independent Students

Are you an independent student who wants to learn music at your own pace?

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For Educators

Are you an educator with multiple students?
One low annual subscription covers all your students.

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Just at this I discovered your Course - Geronimo!!!!!! perfect timing and perfect content!!!!!! I spent four hours on it last night immediately and it is completely brilliant.

The guitar and drum sections are a complete gift. Thank you so much. But it is all explained so clearly and simply. The best thing is the boost finding your course has given me and I am moving from the fear into the enjoyment which I have been searching for.

Kris Yarborough

Student - U.K.