The Contemporary Music Course written & produced by Clive Cockburn

Online delivery of theory courses seems to be the way of the future. Music educators need to look carefully at all which is on offer in the cyberworld. One such product is “The Contemporary Music Course” from New Zealand-based composer, Clive Cockburn (former guitarist with the rock band, The Avengers).

This is a comprehensive online course for beginners through to advanced level students, song-writers and arrangers. It contains 120 lessons (all delivered via online video) covering the language of music, chords and harmony, instrument voicings, two-part counterpoint and writing for drums and guitar.

From the opening introduction, the presenter makes the whole process sound incredibly easy. The beauty of such a delivery is that students can view the instruction video time and time again, replaying concepts that need greater consolidation. Own pace tuition is a real bonus for students.

It is multi-level and sequential, easy to navigate and visually appealing. As one moves through the course, the concepts naturally become more challenging, until very advanced concepts of jazz harmony (11th and 13th chords) are reached.

This is a great resource for any studio teacher or classroom teacher. It will add a dynamic element to your teaching and ensure students are highly engaged with what for many can be otherwise very dry.

At $99.00 for a year's unlimited access, it is a resource I would highly recommend.

Barry Walmsley - KSJ, MMus, BEd, DSCM, AMusA, ATCL, LTCL, MACE, MACEL, FAIM, Hon TCL

Music educator, lecturer, arts journalist, music critic, pianist, vocal coach, conductor, adjudicator and administrator.

Director of Music at The King's School, Sydney and retired Vice-President of the Music Teachers’ Association of NSW.

Reproduced with permission from MTA NSW ‘The Studio’ Vol17 No1 Feb 2011