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I can see how much work you have done to achieve high quality video that is compressed for quick viewing online as it doesn’t take forever which can be a nuisance when in a hurry to get things set up in class time.

You also seem to have identified many of the key areas in music that can be of value to the upcoming musician.

Australian Guild of Music Education

I am ecstatic with your program. Very simple and easy to understand.

Luis Mangual

Independent Student - Yonkers, New York

This is a great resource for any studio teacher or classroom teacher. It will add a dynamic element to your teaching and ensure students are highly engaged with what for many can be otherwise very dry.

(Read the full review here).

Barry Walmsley

Past President and current Vice-President of MTA of NSW

Excellent comprehensive tutorial videos accompanied by worksheets.

Students enjoy working at their own level and seeing theory concepts being played and demonstrated alongside notated examples - rather than lots of reading.

Videos can be viewed via Education Perfect if, like us, your students can't access Vimeo at school.

Catherine Graham,

HoD Music, Bethlehem College

A music teacher's dream come true!

Virginia Hill

Whangarei Boys High School

The Contemporary Music Course is a stunning teaching and learning resource. It is not simply contemporary.

It is comprehensive, carefully structured and flexible. Being completely sequenced, it caters for abilities ranging from beginner to advanced. Further, it is suitable for individual, group and class use.

My teaching career involved students mainly aged 9-13years. Many of those students would have improved their musical knowledge and skills considerably had they had access to initial TCMC course lessons, and thus been even better prepared to maximise their gains during secondary school music instruction.

Had I, as principal, known about TCMC before my retirement, the course would definitely have been a “must have” school resource, to enrich both the teachers professional development and the school's music programme.

I have no hesitation in recommending TCMC to all in the teaching profession.

Raymond Moriarity,

Past Principal, Colyton School, Manawatu