Individual Lifetime

Now you can learn music whenever and wherever you like. In a café on your iPad or on a train on your phone - just get online and go to The Contemporary Music Course with other students all over the world.

The course is suitable for absolute beginners, and builds through to senior levels – no rush, just take your time and go through it thoroughly. You will always ‘see’ while you ‘hear’ the lessons so will easily understand them.

Only pay a one time subscription of $99.95 (NZD) for a lifetime of access - select subscribe button below!

Annual Educators

If you are a Music Teacher or Educational Institute, a single annual subscription provides complete access to the Contemporary Music Course for every teacher and student.

Students can access the course in the classroom, at home or anywhere they have internet access for just $99.95 (NZD) annually.

The video presentations mean that the eye and the ear are always working together which makes learning more efficient and each student is able to work at their own pace. Select subscribe button below.